Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monday 13th Dec 2010 – New Zealand.

And so back to the blog she goes…. yes that right I have up sticks and left my beloved Byron to head for majestic shores of New Zealand, and so time to write again I thought.

Why? because my Australian visa was about to expire and seeing as how I haven’t managed to marry my way in yet, I was border line being booted out.

You currently find me curled up in a make shift shack cobbled together from my backpack, hold all and suitcase, on the floor at Christchurch airport waiting the lengthy 7 hours for my connecting flight to Nelson.

I am rapidly ploughing my way thru Irving Stone’s, The Agony and the Ecstacy, the one and only book I have ever had recommended by the famous Mr Oliver Buckworth, and I must say he was right……im hooked.

watched Eat Pray love with Julia Roberts on the plane, a recommendation by the dear Mr Luke Yeaman that I will taunt him with forever…it sucked.

food choices were chicken hot pot or lamb casserole, I had neither. que grumbly tummy and a right ear drum that just will not pop.

just realised I picked the worst spot for my ‘nest’ as im right by the automatic doors so every now and then I get a refreshing blast of cold air on my jetlagged eyeballs…..

might try and sleep now and need to save battery as not sure what kind of adaptor I need here for charging etc….a minor point but one that annoys my mind constantly…..


ok im back after another painfully slow half an hour of book reading, im back.

after managing to track down a cup of tea, savoury muffin and an apple, I have relocated to a much cosier spot, right by the toilets (not so good) but also under the Christchurch airport Christmas tree. Not only good for the festive spirit, but I have also sneakily plugged said topple into a vacant plug socket and hidden it behind my bag….hehe playin the system! plus relief, we have the same sockets so no worries there!

so I am thinking a bit about what Nelson will be like. I have no idea what to expect, brings back all those nervous feelings of when I arrived in Byron. I arrive at 8am so I guess ill head to the YHA and drop my bags, then maybe go for a walk….then ill prob head back for a shower and much needed sleep. don’t want to put my self under too much pressure on my first day, so I think my main goal is to go for a walk and maybe get a copy of the local news paper for houses, jobs etc…. then I have 2 days to either find a house or scrounge a few extra nights at the back packers…. fingers crossed. x

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