Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday 14th dec – Nelson.
Wanted to go home today.
this morning I couldn’t stop crying, this afternoon the sun is out im about to go to a yoga class, ive had a big walk and im happy….bloody mood swings!
went to the Queen Elisabeth gardens this morning which were beautiful, very English and pretty which was nice to see.
I saw a family feeding the ducks and the little girl kept shouting “eels!”, I dont think there were any eels tho. I then saw a lady pic up one of the ducks. It was wriggling like mad and lots of people gathered round her to try and pet it, I thought “what a horrible thing to do”, then it pooed all down her front, and she just put it down and wiped it off all nonchalant!....”don’t worry kids that happens to me all the time…”
went for a big walk along the river and along to the marina, took lots of photos, and silly videos….. I had been wandering “how do people do this travelling lark all by themselves?” then I realised what entertainment an ipod and a camera are….I was literally in fits of laughter all by myself in the middle of knowhere!
wanted to walk to the beach but got a bit lost. Que little old sal trotting thru the middle of a ship builders yard in R.M Williams boots, ripped jeans shorts singing along to Cat Stevens, with big, burly, kiwi ship makers eyeing me up, kind of like the way a seagull eyes up a stray chippie from the bag…….
never the less I smiled, they smiled and we all got on with our day.
I have taken photos of the things I have found so far, as I think I should start collecting again.
so far the list is:
a rather funky bottle cap, red with a black magpie on it,
a snail shell,
and a teeny tiny whelk shell, smaller than my little finger nail,
a pair of shoes that were kind of neat down by the river, but they looked like they had just been kicked off to frollick, so I dared not take them….
oh and a VB beer can! wow you really know your in Nz when you find one of those babys….took a picture, naturally.
Bought a beautifully decorated book of Tolstoy today as have always wanted to read his stuff, supposed to be thought provoking and very honest, bit like me really…(joke!)
Questioning what my next move is…..
do I stay and find a house and job?
or do I try and get a van and go for a look about, getting fruit picking work along the way?
maybe I should do house and job for a bit, then work out where im going to go, get a vehicle and do that…..
ah questions questions……..
think I might stay here at the YHA for a couple more days as I feel ok here, its pretty quiet and is not over run by 18 year old boys, like the ones in Byron, so it gets a tick in my book….tho they do insist on playing unoffensive pop music very softly down the intercom, which leaves you checking your phone every few minutes as you “could of sworn you could hear someone talking”……
The ladies in my room seem nice. Obviously they come and go a lot but Deidre an Irish lady, and Barbara an English lady are both very sweet.
They both have big backpacks and crocs.
They think im a lunatic.
We had one other lady in our room last night. German but don’t know her name. I was sleeping when she came in chattering to herself. So I woke up and said hello. We got chatting, well when I say ‘we’, I mean she talked at me and I smiled and nodded a lot. She has been travelling for years tho she looked very neat, and not completely unlike Olivers brother Oskar…..she left this morning.
saw a sign in a barbers shop for hairdressers today, was tempted to go in but it was in a 1960’s looking arcade, down a side street and I thought the lack of natural light may make me want to jam my scissors in my eye after a while…..
ok im off, quick shower then to yoga, “ah my bendy friend how Ive missed you”……cant wait!

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