Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sunday 19th dec - Nelson.

This is the dream I had last night, I think it may have been brought on my my liquorice binge……

Floss (my old dog) had died in some sort of accident & was all cut up, a man had wrapped a carrier bag around her body and thrown her in a dumpster. I was so angry so I went to rescue her, to bury her.

I put her body in the back of my old purple KA car, my old black Rudge bike was in there too. Daddy was driving and I was in the passenger seat.

We tried to drive up a very steep hill, but because we had to stop briefly, the car started rolling backwards, gathering speed. We tried, brakes and handbrake but it did nothing.

In slow motion, we rolled backwards off the bank into the river that was filled with green pond weed. Dad got out straight away but it took me a little longer and I had to swim out of the window. It wasn’t that deep so we pushed the car out and back onto land. When I opened the boot, Floss was alive. Very weak and in a bit of a mess but she was looking at me and blinking.

Then I was sitting on the street by this restaurant we used to go to, back home, called The Armoury. I was looking for something in my bag, when this family walked past. They had a young daughter, about 6 years old, and she was mumbling, giving a sort of commentary. I recognised her as the girl Koko and I had talked about in real life, who could contact spirits.

I knew who she was and tried to hear what she was saying. Then she looked at me and stopped. She said that I had a path of blue spots leading towards me, and said that I was haunted by the spirit of sudden loss. She performed a small ceremony on me, where she dotted me with honey on my head and shoulders, as she said it would keep me safe.

Then I was in the backpackers in Nelson and I was just waking up (still in the dream) and I had a pet gold fish who kept jumping out of the bowl. I could see it floating around the room, like it was swimming but in the air. It was gasping/dying for water. I shouted because no one would help. I caught it and it looked at me and nodded, like it understood that I was trying to save it, but my legs wouldn’t move fast enough as I tried to get to the sink. I kept screaming at the fish to hang on, but it couldn’t and it died. I couldn’t stop crying.

Daddy was in my dream a lot last night. He was angry at me because I told mum the car crash story with the river, but she just laughed.



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