Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday 18th December – Nelson.

Feeling sad again today.

Don’t know why, this morning I managed to book a bus to Christchurch, a night at the YHA Christchurch, a flight to Melbourne, and organise a tourist visa for Australia all within an hour….this means I am going home!

I should be ecstatic as this is what I wanted, but somehow its not so fun when theres no one to celebrate with….. after all the bookings were complete, I looked around for someone to high five with, as I usually do when I have booked a holiday/trip/online purchase, only to find the loved up Italian couple next to me simply staring into each others eyes….oh god…

and now I desperately want to go and have a celebratory florescent cocktail, in a hip and funky down town bar… such luck as im on such a tight budget, but I did splash out on my other favourite indulgence, a bag of liquorice and a carton of milk, and sat by the river taking silly pictures of myself and the ducks… oh well.

Never the less, I am pleased I can go back, and on the 28th too, so only another 9 days here.

I am enjoying Nelson as a holiday destination but I am so glad im not having to live here. Im not even sure why either, its perfectly nice, theres just something about it that reminds me so much of my home town, Shrewsbury…and that’s not a bad thing, its just that that is what I have spent a long time trying to get out of….

Spoke to Ollie earlier and told him of my ‘new plans’. He said that he thinks I should have given it a bit more of a try, but he knows how I hard I find it being on my own…. I was a little bit pissed off at this, but at the same time I know he is right… hes always right when it comes to matters of my frail heart, he knows me so well…damn it.

Was lovely to speak to him, tho what he is doing right now is polar opposite of my situation, its quite funny. He is on a 3 week cruise around New Zealand with his entire family. He said “I thought it was going to be classy, but its like bloody floating Butlins!”….. made me smile, and miss him.

I have moved to a new backpackers today, one that is over the bridge and a little more out of town…. it is a lot quieter and more ‘family run’, so a little more character than the good ol sterility of the YHA…. it is a nice walk into town, and to get to the library (the trek I make daily to check emails) you have to walk along the river so that’s very pretty.

I am now in a 6 bed mixed dorm. It is quite nice actually, I have one of the bottom bunks next to the window that looks out to the washing lines and the picturesque backdrop of the rolling mountains.

I am nervously awaiting the imminent arrival of Rebecca. I am slightly worried that I may leap on her the minute I see her, and talk incesently at her for the first 2 hours, before maybe, just maybe, letting her breathe, and then, possibly, get a word in edge ways…..we shall see…

Another big, but lonely, “Hoorah!” today, was that I spoke to mumsy about the hairdressing course and she has agreed to lend me enourmous amounts of cash to do it! I have, of course, promised to pay it back once I am styling Johnny Depps beard….

So tomorrow I am going to print out the enrolment form and all the blurby wafty stuff to read thur several more times, before signing my life away and posting it to Brisbane…. probably once I get to Melbourne…

im so so excited!

Not too sure how Ollie took the news that I am returning, but I assured him that I am coming back to concentrate on my training, therefore I will not be at his door begging for a bed… I think he, along with all of the people I have spoke to/emailed about this situation, just want me to be happy, I need to learn that one….

That’s about all for today. Was going to go to Bikram at 4pm but ended up lying in the grounds of the Cathedral in the sun, reading, and then came the liquorice pangs…and then it was game over…. going to go for an evening run in a bit tho. Liquorice always seems to give me a great energy boost to run on, bit like rocket fuel, plus I like to think im burning some of it off!

So there you have it, Saturday night, a week before Christmas and what am I doing tonight? going for a run and then to bed with a good book….MY GOD how old am i?...seriously, i constantly wonder why I am not a mother yet, id be bloody brilliant….


p.s. Post run update:

word of advice, do not eat a whole bag of traditional Australian soft eating liquorice, washed down with a pint of milk and then go for a 45 minute run….i think im dying…….

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