Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday 21st Dec – Nelson.

Today something changed.

I was still for the first time ever.

I awoke after another brilliant dream that was filled with symbolism and messages that I am sure I am supposed to reading into….

I did my usual peek around the curtain to find, once again, because the weather hates to dissapoint, it was bucketing down, this time with increasingly harsh winds to boot.

But I didn’t really think anything, I just kind of accepted it.

I lay in bed for another 20mins before getting up and enjoying my labouriously lovely shower….

I then dressed and headed out to the library in my daily uniform of yellow waterproof coat and backpack, with cover.

I strolled along to the river to the library, enjoying my walk in the rain, at peace for once.

I checked my email to find that Rebeccas travel plans have been slightly scuppered by said bad weather, and she now doesn’t know if she will be here for xmas at all!

I was a little upset but then thought “oh well its just another day I guess”.

Im really getting used to this ‘on my own’ thing. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to make a life of it or anything, but maybe because I know I am leaving soon, I have finally relaxed and am enjoying some solitude.

After email time, I headed back to hostel to have my 4Ryvitas, avo and promite with the customary half a raw carrot. I then read for an hour and then went running. And low and behold as I rounded the first corner, out came the sun!

I did a few skips of joy before powering out to the Noisettes funky pop rhythm…. Upon my return, i decided that if I am going to be trapped here for xmas, then I should probably try and talk with someone.

So I said ‘hi’ and ended up chatting to Rebecca, one of the younger more smiley German girls. She is very sweet, and I apologised for my anti socialness, but explained that I had been having a bit of a hard time the past few days. She said it was fine and everyone takes a while to relax…..how ironic!

German Rebecca and her friend Lena are both here for xmas, so at least I have 2 people to talk to. Also an American girl called Sam just arrived, she is 30 and lovely, really chatty, and we ended up talking for a while about the bullshit of visas. We agreed that the Australian government haven’t a clue what they are doing by stopping hairdressers and chefs coming into the country as all they will accomplish is another shortage, and in 3 years they will be begging for us to come back, so I will be ready and waiting for that day! haha…

She is only here for 1 night, which is a shame, but the german girls will do for xmas entertainment… im planning on getting them drunk for added fun!…hehe…

So at 5pm I pottered into town to head for my 5.45pm yoga class….once again total bliss… I am officially in love with Yin Yoga and am planning on attempting to tweak my class to this way of teaching…

so there you have it, did a tad of shopping on the way home and treated myself to an apple and pint of full cream milk…yummy…gotta keep my bones strong now… and that’s it.

A much more peaceful day I think you will agree. Now I am so tired I am just going to get ready for bed and settle down with my book for a big sleep.

nighty night.


ps… this time next week ill be in Melbourne! woohoo!

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