Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday 23rd dec – Nelson.

Today was sunny, nice.

After email time I decided that today was officially ‘day of the big feed’…after dreaming of chocolate muffins and porrage and honey, I thought it was probably time to splurge on something to fill my shrinking tummy…..

so I returned to hostel and had 8 ryvitas with promite and avo, with my customary carrot….”hmm not really doing it for me”, I thought, so I added an apple, an orange and a pint of full cream milk….”hmm still not satisfying that niggle….”

so I went a brought a 250g bar of Whittakers fruit and nut chocolate, and lay by the river, in the sun, listening to my ipod and ate the whole thing…and it was goooood!

I lay there basking, sleepy and satisfied…..finally….

I also purchased some ‘Boost’ multivitamin tablets to put in my water everyday to…well…..boost me, hopefully….

After my wonderfully naughty and luxurious afternoon, I pottered back to the hostel and, after chatting with my American room mate (whos name I still cant remember, and has gone way past the point where I can ask her now…eek!) I went for run. Its amazing how much food actually enhances your sporting performance isn’t it….chocolate was like rocket fuel! I ran the whole way there and back, with some leapy jumpy bits in the middle…. was great.

so now I feel revitalised once again, and am a lot happier…. thought I may pass out last night….

Xmas eve tomorrow, not too sure what im doing apart from the usual run and email sesh. Think there is a carrol thing on in the square tomorrow night so might head to that…we shall see….

Feeling a lot more settled but still super excited to get back to Aus and start my course….

tired now beddy byes….

oh I also wrote 5 poems today, and did some drawing…now considering writing my book….eek!


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